Friday, July 11, 2008

My Birthday...

So the day before my birthday was the day between Meredith Ashton (a good friend) and my birthday so we made each other a cake and boy was it delicious. I made her this Chocolate Carmel cake and she made me a Better Then Sex was fun!!

My birthday was on Tuesday the 8th. I'm old now...haha... I did have a great birthday though!! I went to work and then got off around 2. Then went swimming and worked on my tan for a little bit. Then I met up with a bunch of my friends at Red Robin for dinner. I LOVE RED ROBIN. The thing is that I have only ever order the same thing there even though it's my favorite...I shocked the entire table and ordered a different burger...haha...and to my own surprise it was pretty good!!

Then after dinner we went back to my apartment and had a party with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of fun!

Elise (my old roommate just found out that she is having a boy...yeay for her!...I thought that she might be having twins but no such luck...haha...

Matt Chambers made an appearance at my party has been a long time since I saw him so I was happy that he was able to come for a little bit!!

And Sarah and Melanie (old roommates) and of course Matt being goofy in the back.

And I got 21 message on facebook of people wishing me a happy birthday. I feel so loved!!! It was a great birthday and I had so much fun with all my friends!! Thanks so much for all you do!!!

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