Monday, February 21, 2011


Well things have started to settle down and we are getting back to real life. Joe and I are both in school. Joe is still working all day and then school at night...oh the life of a student. I on the other hand am currently in the middle of my last semester as a student. I am supper excited to see if I am going to get an internship or if I'm be student teaching starting in the fall.

Here's the difference, if I student teach then I will be be done in 3 months and I would be working with another teacher. However, if I intern then I will have control of my own classroom. My workload will be much heavy because I wouldn't have another teacher to help me like in student teaching. And I would get paid half salary.

I just had my first interview last Friday, I am leaving it up to the Lord which would be best for me and my family. I have applied for both so I guess we'll see what happen.

OH this Valentine's day was my first time having a was so fun!! I made a romantic dinner for 2...I've waited for so long to be able to do that!! That really is the only thing that is new with us. We are loving being married and enjoying continuing to get to know each other!!

We are looking forward to a fun summer together!! :o)


Elise Engh said...

Oh Mariah! How I miss you! Good luck with the student teaching or internship. In some ways I would have liked doing the internship because it was really hard to teach with another teacher in the classroom. I was never free to do things my own way. So I hope it works out for you. You and your hubby are super cute, by the way!

Lorie, Alec and Andrew said...

I hope all goes well! Can't wait to find out what you will be doing, both could be great. Student teaching experiences vary depending on the teacher you get, so hopefully if you end up doing that you get a great cooperating teacher who will let you try your own stuff. We should get together soon! Love ya!

Merry said...

When do you find out? I hope that your teaching experience is everything you hope it will be!

Camey said...

What grades are you doing? Good luck!!

Kenny and Katie Jean said...

So happy for you!! Can you email me your address and phone number? I got a new phone and didn't save any of my numbers.