Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can I get a nap...please...

Ok so this past weekend was SUPER busy!!!...Last Friday Luke and I played at the pool for awhile and then headed down to Fairview. The drive was incredible!! It took us about an hour but the scenery was beautiful! If you've never been to Fairview you aren't missing much. haha. It's a cute town though...SUPER small! We went there for a party with some of Luke's friends that he works with. It's always fun to meet new people! We just hung out and talked and then played a little Wii. We headed home around 11 and I slept in the car the whole way home. I was so tired!

On Saturday it was 97 degrees...so hott!! So Richard and Allysa (my old roommate until she got married) came over and played at the pool with me and Luke and my roommate Jamie and her boyfriend Jason. The boys and Alyssa played water basketball for awhile. It was funny to watch! :o) Jamie and I got in a little bit but mostly layed out in the sun. Then Luke and I headed off to another party. My friend from work threw a BBQ at her house. It was fun to see people that used to work at my company. The food was really good too! And then off to a reception. I can honestly say I have never been to a reception and wore jeans. haha. But there really wasn't time to change and I had a nice top on so I justified it! But Luke did make a good comment. He said that if they are going to have a problem with us coming in what we were wearing then we don't want to be there anyways. haha. True that. So anyways back to Mike and Christi. I've known Mike a long time so it was so fun to see him all married! They dated for like a year or something before they got married. I thought that that was AWESOME!...I totally agree with taking your time when it comes to dating! Eternity is forever so what's the big hurry! That's what I think anyways. After the reception we met up with Richard and Allysa and went and saw Get Smart. It was a funny movie. Not my favorite (Luke always makes fun of me for saying that...but i only say it when it's true! haha) Everyone else really liked it though...so what do I know...haha. I'm pretty sure I feel asleep on our way home Saturday night too. haha.

And then Sunday...well since I was so tired I accidentally slept in and was a little late for Ward Council...woopsie... I'd like to say I relaxed on Sunday but I was pretty busy...so by Sunday night I was SUPER tired and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow! haha

In all it was a REALLY fun weekend though. Just really busy. On another note my birthday is in 2 weeks TODAY (July 8th)...yeay...I'm going to be 19 yeay for me...just thought I would let everyone know! :o)


Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

19 my eye! Would you really want to be nineteen again? Although I admit that 30 is creeping a little too close for comfort, another part of me is really proud to own up to my years.

Happy Birthday in two weeks!