Thursday, August 14, 2008

Manti Temple Trip

Well on August 2 our ward went to the Manti Temple. It was a WONDERFUL experience!! I just love that Temple! There is sooo much history there. Before our session we met with the Temple President and his wife for a half and hour. I was asked to say the opening pray...and for those of you who know about my "Public Prayer History" know that it didn't go as planned! haha...I figured that since I was in the Temple that everything would go great! bad...I was humbled. The actual prayer went fine BUT as I was walking down the stairs I slipped...haha...just my luck. I did catch myself before my face actually hit the ground. :o)

Here are a few pictures from the day. Sister Tracy wouldn't let me a picture of her though...

In all I enjoyed my trip down to Manti very much!!

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